About us

About our club

In the spring of 2002 an advertisement appeared in the local free paper, the “Swift Flash” asking if anyone would like to have an archery club in Lutterworth. The volume of enthusiastic replies led to a meeting of 16+ people who were really keen – and many of them were juniors. With that amount of interest, it was certainly a viable proposition and Lutterworth Archery Club was conceived that evening.

Over two decades later, Lutterworth Archery Club is still going strong and has a wide membership ranging in age from 9 to 70+.

We accommodate all bow types (except crossbows) and offer club competitions for those who wish to participate and officially record their scores.

The main emphasis at Lutterworth Archery Club is on enjoyment, in a friendly environment where everyone is welcome. We look forward to welcoming you to achieve your sporting ambitions in a socially distanced but fully supported environment

When and where we shoot

In the outdoor season (April to October) we shoot at our own field located between Lutterworth and Market Harborough. Club day is Saturday from 14:00. Senior members are able to shoot on any day, at any time during daylight hours.

In the indoor season (October to April) we shoot at Lutterworth Sports Centre on Saturday afternoons, again at 14:00.

There are no extra shooting fees outdoors and just a small fee for shooting indoors to cover hall hire. Membership fees can be paid either yearly by cash/cheque or monthly by Direct Debit.

We have coaching and bow tuning sessions with a qualified coach as required.

Our philosophy

Our aim is to enable and facilitate members to enjoy archery, whether they are competitive or not.  We encourage and help members to improve, of course, since this can give a feeling of achievement, but beating someone else or winning is not what it’s all about.

We have some members who are very competitive, some in County and Police archery teams, and others who just love to shoot for the fun of it without competing.

We believe that as archers you should, first and foremost, ENJOY YOUR SPORT.