As in most sports, archers can be very competitive and our club provides a full range of official and unofficial competitions throughout the year.

There is always a choice of whether to compete or not – we have many archers who are very happy to gently improve their archery through practise and coaching without ever competing with anyone but themselves. 

Members receive competition certificates

Members receive competition certificates

For those who do want to take part in competitions, the club offers a competition on most alternate meets, one week being free practice for everyone and the next week being a competition for those who want to take part.

Indoors, the range of competitions is limited to those that can be shot at 20 yards and 18 metres, which is as far as we can shoot indoors, and includes both National and Regional competitions.

Outdoors at the field every sort of competition can be shot, right up to a St. George at 100 yards.

We have a page HERE where you can view (and save or download or print) all the competition rounds that are available to be shot at our club.

And if you want to find out your own Handicap and AGB Classification, you can enter your scores to this calculator: Archery Handicap and Classification Calculator. Our club keeps all these records updated and you can ask for your details from our Records Officer, or look at the tables on the Clubhouse notice board.

There are Fun Shoots indoors and out doors, with all sorts of different archery challenges.

We have a range of the official score sheets for the many competitions available here on the website for you to download and print off – though the club will provide all these on competition days.

Records are officially maintained by our Records Officer, and are recorded as necessary at Archery GB and in our own club league tables.