The Beginners’ Course

What the Beginners’ Course is all about

Lutterworth Archery Club organises regular Beginners’ Courses so that archers can get a feel for real archery with real bows and real arrows – and with full tournament level targets.

Archery is a fascinating – though challenging – sport, developing strength, concentration, physical fitness and mindfulness from the beginning.

Beginners scoring well.

Beginners scoring well

As a beginner you will meet your group of new archers at our clubhouse and field near North Kilworth. Your coaches and helpers will be senior club members, with the coaches holding full coaching qualifications from Archery Great Britain.

Our club has a good range of archery equipment for beginners to use, and initial training will be on the recurve bow, which is the type of bow used in the archery Olympics (take a look at YouTube videos of Olympic archery for inspiration). You will learn about the parts of the bow, how to assemble and set up your bow safely, how to handle the arrows, and the correct polite behaviour that is expected from everyone at the archery field.

Safety is paramount.  You will be taught exactly how to handle archery equipment and how to shoot.

Ready to fire

Ready to shoot

As a beginner, on the first day you will shoot at close, large targets. As you get used to your bow and your arrows you will quickly find yourself getting more and more accurate, which is hugely satisfying!

Almost anyone can become an archer – age (young or old) and most disabilities are not limiting factors.

Happy beginners with their Certificates

Happy beginners with their Pass Certificates

Of course that sounds easy, and in its basic form it is. But to progress you will develop strength and steadiness in your arms and body – almost every muscle is used and developed in some way in archery as you progress – and your powers of concentration will greatly increase as you connect your mind to your body to send that arrow into the gold on the target.

So come along and join one of our beginners’ courses – just enquire or ask any questions using our Beginners Contact Us form on this website. We will put dates for the courses on the front page of the website, on our Facebook page, and in our excellent Newsletter, which you can read HERE.

We look forward to welcoming you at Lutterworth Archery Club.